Twins or very nice sight problem???

I find it very hard to do without my computer, I admit. The same with my smartphone… I’m just graduated in communication, social networks, and all that stuff, which now easily allows me to justify the hours spent on these time-consuming devices, probably created by insane experts in addictions… so I’m active on Facebook, Instagram, even Twitter… Haaaa Magic Twitter, I still do not understand everything… This can even cause convulsions on Mr Grizzly after spending two hours in front of the screen  asking me « what the fuck ???? !!!! honeyyyyy what the fuck ?? ?? « .

Anyway…trust me, I’m not totally mentally disturbed, and I continue my story. I follow the Twitter account of Julien Doré , only for Miss Grumpy as she doesn’t miss a thing of her idol, of course (she is a big fan with poster, cds, fake tattoos and dvd soon…). The first of you who doen’t trust me, I’ll make him eat my keyboard. Hope-things-are-clear! Right?

For those who don’t know him, he is a popular French singer who has great success with his new album Løve.


One day, POP, a Julien Doré’s retweet appears (basically, it’s like sharing on Facebook):

andreasmoe tweet

Posted by a certain Andreas Moe…

Pics of Julien Doré



Pics of Andreas Moe


andreas s

Oh yes …ok,  what a lookalike! Out of curiosity, I started a small investigation: wikipedia, youtube, google … I‘m not going to tell you all his biography, it would be a little too long. Know that this young man, song writer and singer, is 26 years old (I feel so old now… thank you boy!), and Swedish (I like Sweden, the nature, the northern lights, fucking DIY furniture, night 20h/24h in winter, hairy singers ). He has worked with DJs like Avicii, John Sohn, or Tiesto and wrote for Boyzone. I confess, that is not my cup of tea … until I heard his acoustic version of his last song « Ocean ». A voice, a guitar and that’s it! Like that! I’m really happy to have discovered him, because for me, it’s clear that his is one of the artist to watch in 2015. He’s about to release his new album soon (so sorry…no release date…not intimate with him)! He’s got the face, he’s got the look, he’s got the voice, he’s got the songs and already a good reputation, and he worth it!

When you are listening to his voice, you just want to make a fire, take any big soft blanket, snuggle deep in your couch with a hot chocolate and let the music play (you can drink whiskey instead of chocolate, it works well, especially at my home, where we proudly hold 8 bottles of different brands, what a shame!). I know, my musical analysis is very personal (and probably light!), but the important thing is not the words but the feeling, right? He looks endearing, generous, seems almost shy, fragile, and especially accessible! Last summer, for example, he selected few lucky people to come in their backyard and play his music! Can you imagine? In your own background???

So Andreas, if you read this, know that my terrace is brand new, no risk for your stuff! My garden can accommodate all my girlfriends and girlfriends of my girlfriends who I am sure will be delighted to spend a  night without their hubby. We can also get rid of the kids without a problem, our husbands will take care of them (although my daughter knows the Ocean’s lyrics almost by heart, she will take revenge in a treacherous and sadistic way if she did not see him)! Therefore, I also have lots of good whiskey (best argument ever)!


Do you agree? Pleaaaaaase!

Miss Grumpy is ready !


I’m now waiting for his answer, which can’t be negative, of course! Let’s now discover the acoustic version of his song « Ocean ». Tell me if you love  it!!!!

« Lay your love on mine, let your safety fall … »

You can also read a nice (I hope) article about the concert of Julien Doré in Thionville here, because I’ll do anything for you!

2 commentaires

  1. Cool, je n’ai plus à avoir mauvaise conscience en passant du temps sur Tea Dog&rockn’roll puisque je revois en même temps mon anglais ! Thanks
    J’adore la photo « It has to be more than good music ». J’ai l’impression d’y être et de partager leurs conversations !

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Surtout qu’il est très sympathique ce jeune Andreas, très « friendly » comme on dit en anglais! Je me suis inspirée de ses concerts dans les Backyards pour mes Gardens Pulsation! Tu est d’ailleurs la bienvenue pour la prochaine, dès que l’on a une date!!!


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