Twins or very nice sight problem???

I find it very hard to do without my computer, I admit. The same with my smartphone… I’m just graduated in communication, social networks, and all that stuff, which now easily allows me to justify the hours spent on these time-consuming devices, probably created by insane experts in addictions… so I’m active on Facebook, Instagram, even Twitter… Haaaa Magic Twitter, I still do not understand everything… This can even cause convulsions on Mr Grizzly after spending two hours in front of the screen  asking me « what the fuck ???? !!!! honeyyyyy what the fuck ?? ?? « .

Anyway…trust me, I’m not totally mentally disturbed, and I continue my story. I follow the Twitter account of Julien Doré , only for Miss Grumpy as she doesn’t miss a thing of her idol, of course (she is a big fan with poster, cds, fake tattoos and dvd soon…). The first of you who doen’t trust me, I’ll make him eat my keyboard. Hope-things-are-clear! Right? Lire la suite